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After an unexpected death, two criminals scramble to find a woman who looks like a drug lord’s love interest.

iTunes Trailer

When a man on vacation disrespects the ocean one too many times, the ocean fights back.

A teenage girl in the Midwest becomes infected by an outbreak of a disease that slowly turns the infected into zombies.

Indy Car Webseries called 3 Wide Life

48hr Film Fest Contestant – Buddie Film

Two inept kidnappers and their victim wait for a boss who may never arrive.
The team/film won:
1) Best Use of Prop
2) Best Actress
3) Best Use of New Orleans
4) Audience Choice

In So You’re Dating A Vampire, players experience the fun of interactive story choices combined with a live action film. Grace is a college girl getting ready for a date with Vincent, the eternal bad boy. See if you can help her survive the night.

This gem of a music video was the audience choice award winner for the first ever 24hr music video festival in New Orleans, La.

Star & Dagger is a blues/rock band that was formed by Sean Yseult (White Zombie), Dava She Wolf (Cycle Sluts From Hell), and vocalist Von Hesseling. Star And Dagger has attracted much attention, selling out shows in LA, NYC, and New Orleans, and opened for such acts as Helmet, Eagles Of Death Metal, Down, and High On Fire. Their debut album Tommorowland Blues has received critical acclaim from many top rock & roll magazines and websites.

How do you restore a sense of normalcy to a place that was never normal to begin with? This is the question posed to an eclectic group of entertainers trying to make ends meet in post Katrina New Orleans. Below Sea Level is a comedy series about six friends living in the French Quarter after the storm of the century and the absurdity that makes ‘The Crescent City’ one of the funniest places on the planet.

In the Demon Apocalypse, a man called Trouble must journey to the fabled city of New Orleans to find redemption. Starring Nick Gomez (Walking Dead, Dexter, Looper, The Red Road)